Hello geeks from far and wide! Welcome to Copy Red Leader’s brand new website, courtesy of the design dream-team of Karl Stahl and Arley McBlain.  We owe these gents profuse thanks and adoring praise for all the work they’ve put in over the past month getting everything ready in time to launch the website for our CD release. […]


An announcement from Devin & I for all our fans, friends & family..

We have decided to retire Copy Red Leader in order to focus on other musical interests. We still have a small few items to finish as a duet, and continue to support each other in our musical endeavours.

Thank *YOU* all very much for being a part of our 3 year journey. It has been more rewarding, challenging and inspiring than we ever expected.

We look forward to seeing you all at cons, filk circles, geek events, and other gigs and ventures in the coming years. Truly, friends, it has been our pleasure.

- Devin “The Master of Strings” Melanson
& Leslie “The Redhead” Hudson
“See you out there..”